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JPayroll - Web Based and Flexible HR & Payroll System

We are JPayroll, a payroll system and HRIS solution provider. With strong commitment and high integrity we build a better system to grow your HR quality and improve your business performance. As a payroll software in Indonesia JPayroll provide a flexible calculation method and updated feature which complied with latest standard and regulation such as BPJS and latest PTKP (for Indonesia Companies). 

JPayroll is the enterprise human resource process -- wages, salary, earning, deduction, attendance, overtime, payroll, tax and key performance indicator. JPayroll Presents a formidable challenge to most companies in building human resource competency. Human resource is a crucial component that contributes greatly to a company's overall success or failure. Putting the right person at the right position is very important, in HRCM and payroll application we provide personal skill, training, work experience, job history and KPI's information to help HR department to analyze the company's need, it also helps in regeneration issues, in this way HR department can make a regeneration planning, start with collect employee's information that will be in retirement period for the retirement planning, the HR department can start to make a comparison for the candidate and continue with giving on job training, knowledge sharing, tasking, testing and evaluating the performance to make the individual ready for the jobs.

With a our competence team and consultant we give a satisfying services to help you grow up. Contact us today, our consultant will be happy to help you.

Flexible, Scalable, Secured Payroll System

We simplify your payroll and HR process

By Using JPayroll we make you Payroll and HR simplier. you can inpu your own formula based on your own policy and the system will process the computation frequently and automate the process. Jpayroll also secured yor payroll, by using 3 level security make an authorization to your staff. 

Key Benefits

High Quality Payroll and HRIS Solution with :

  • Parameter Based

    Parameter Based is a term that used to computing payroll based on pre-defined formula. By using parameter based users can set up payroll calculation themself. Parameter based allows users formulating a calculation such as :
    - incentive will be given where employee work overtime more than 3 hours
    - deduction will be charge where employee late more than 2 minutes

  • 3 Level Security

    Designed with the disclosure of information to anyone, keep your confidentially information to employees with 3 level security module. Our security moudule can make leveling authorization to access application by Grade, Org Structure, and by Module which mean your employe with lower grade cannot access data to the upper grade, or cannot access payroll data in another org structure. you can also can limit access to several modules.

  • Multiple Location

    JPayroll System is a flexible web based application. Just install application on a server and connect it through internet, you can access JPayroll anywhere. On JPayroll System you can create site as many as you want and you can access from any branches. You can also using this application for your group company. JPayroll System make data collection for any branch easier than manual process because your data have been save on server.

  • Web Based Application

    JPayroll is a web based application system. By using web based platform you can Easy access form any platform like Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, etc.

Our Product

Our product divided into some product to fit with your business

Lite Edition

Designed to Small Enterprise with low number employee.

Standard Edition

Midle Size Enterprise with number employee up to 400. Get the complete payrol feature and HRIS.

Enterprise Edition

Leading Enterprise with unlimited employee. get the powerfull HRIS and Payroll experience by Enterprise Edition.


We are commited to give best solution for our clients. Here's what they say about us.


“Kebutuhan kami terealisasikan dengan sempurna. Dengan 3 Level Security yang dimiliki JPayroll otorisasi user dapat diatur secara fleksibel sesuai level yang diijinkan. Team support yang handal dan tanggap selalu siap membantu kami dalam mewujudkan business proses yang lebih baik.”

Djoni Susilo,, PT. Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk.

“Memenuhi kebutuhan penggajian dan HR dengan Formula perhitungan gaji yang berbeda antar grade untuk ribuan karyawan, merupakan tantangan tersendiri bagi kami. JPayroll menjawab tantangan tersebut dengan formula parameter based yang flexible. Permasalahan payroll kami yang cukup kompleks terselesaikan dengan sangat baik.”

Christian Gunawan,, PT. Dua Kelinci
Other Customer