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We can't deny that leading enterprises faced many complex problem mainly about human resource problem. We concious about it and we give one stop solution to answer those needs. Enterprise Edition more than just a payroll program, we serve a better solution for leading enterprise called human resource information system (HRIS). HRIS is a system that provide completely features, began from the payroll process up to optimizing employee performance in the company. HRIS give informations to users about efficiency and effectivity of human resources over section and department in the company. Enterprise Edition help HRD to optimize the performance of the employee, to reach desired target which provides more complete features and reports. All of it covered up in one solution called JPayroll Enterprise Edition. 

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  • Employee Data
  • Time / Attendance management
  • Payroll & Tax
  • Benefits Administration
  • Loan Management
  • Group Shift Planning
  • Employee Self Service
  • Mobile Apps Workflow
  • Training Management
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • E - Recruitment
  • Tallent Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Reimburse Management
  • Retirement Management


Key Benefits


HRIS Complete Solution Features

All-in-One features presented by Enterprise Edition helps to manage employee not only on payroll or tax calculation but also helps HR Department to review employee performance using KPI tools, Talent Management is also useful to make decisions for regeneration. Training management is useful for upgrading the employee skills. Monitoring recruitment for new candidate using E-Recruitment. Retirement management calculates severance payment for retired employee. Enterprise Edition can meet your needs to realize a better human resource management.



Dashboard Management

Top Level Management Report

Enterprise Edition provide top level management an interactive reports in order analyzing their business progress and their human resource achievement. This features which already included on Enterprise Edition called dashboard management. By using dashboard management Executive could make a right decision on a short time. Enterprise Edition helps you realized a better human resource management to optimize your business progress.







3 Level Security

Designed with the disclosure of information to anyone keep your confidentially information to employees with 3 level security module



Multiple Location

Do you have an overseas branches? Get collected all employees data from any branches.

Other Benefits

  • Tax Calculation using Net, Gross, and Gross Up Method
  • Web Based Apps
  • Parameter Based
  • Fully Responsive Support Team
  • Customization allowed*



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