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LITE EDITION : A Simply Way to Handle Your Company Payroll

We commited to serve right solution for your problems. LITE Edition Designed to company that have only small number employee but face a complex payroll process. LITE Edition let users create their own payroll calculation include the tax calculation, because we're paramater based system. Do the payroll and tax easiest as possible where ever your are. Access the application anywhere on your gadget, Desktop PC, Laptop, Handphone, Tablet, etc. However payroll problem you faced, discuss it with us, our mission is being succed with you. 

LITE EDITION : A Simply Way to Handle Your Company Payroll



  • Employee Data
  • Time / Attendance management
  • Payroll & Tax
  • Benefits Administration
  • Loan Management
  • Group Shift Planning

Key Benefits


Parameter Based

Parameter Based is a term that used to computing payroll based on pre-defined formula. By using parameter based users can set up payroll calculation themself. Parameter based allows users formulating a calculation such as :
- incentive will be given where employee work overtime more than 3 hours
- deduction will be charge where employee late more than 2 minutes

Why need using paramater based? 
We concious that there's no system / procedure can be implemented on all kind of industries. To answer that challenge we give a flexibility to user to input payroll formula on application, any payroll calculation and tax, you could realized it with JPayroll System.




Multiple Location

JPayroll System is a flexible web based application. Just install application on a server and connect it through internet, you can access JPayroll anywhere. On JPayroll System you can create site as many as you want and you can access from any branches. You can also using this application for your group company. JPayroll System make data collection for any branch easier than manual process because your data have been save on server.







Web Based Apps

Easy access form any platform like Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, etc.



3 Level Security

Designed with the disclosure of information to anyone keep your confidentially information to employees with 3 level security module

Other Benefits

  • Tax Calculation using Net, Gross, dan Gross Up Method
  • No Expensive Mandays Implementation (Easy Quick Start, User Guide, and Workflow Included on Package)
  • 1 Day Free Training (Only Available on Lite Edition)
  • Fully Responsive Support Team
  • Upgradable*



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