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Standard Edition

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STANDARD EDITION : More Function, More Report To Optimize Your Resource

Larger your company, more complex the way you to scale your human resource. A hundred employees with various shift work, employees spreaded over department, hard way to monitor employee's loan, and more complex problem. Standard Edition gives solutions with serving more complete features and benefits. With a larger capacity standard edition can handle and maintain your employee up to 400 employees. Scaling employee to company effectivity and productivity is an important thing. So we come up with the solutions to help you to be more leading enterprise. 

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  • Employee Data
  • Time / Attendance management
  • Payroll & Tax
  • Benefits Administration
  • Loan Management
  • Group Shift Planning
  • Employee Self Service
  • Mobile Apps Workflow
  • Enterprise Add on Module

Key Benefits


3 Level Security

Designed with the disclosure of information to anyone keep your confidentially information to employees with 3 level security module.



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Employee Self Service

This features allow employee to access several menu such as annual leaves request form dan overtime order letter. This features also allow employee to see data absent and data salaries respective employee










Web Based Apps

Flexible to use and create your own formula based on the needs and company policies. It's so easy to implemented on all industries.



Multiple Location

Do you have an overseas branches? Get collected all employees data from any branches.

Other Benefits

  • Web Based Apps
  • Tax Calculation using Net, Gross,and Gross Up Method
  • More efficient to upgrade with enterprise add on module
  • Fully Responsive Support Team
  • Upgradable*



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